Pickpockets steal Meek Mill’s phone in Accra

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American rapper Meek Mill has revealed that he was robbed of his phone by pickpockets in Accra, Ghana, where he performed at the Afro Nation festival on Thursday.

He made the announcement on Instagram and asked that anyone who has the phone return it to him.

“They pickpocketed me for my phone SMH…. bring that jawn back if you got it!!!”

Meek Mill is said to have made a late appearance at the Afro Nation festival and performed for only 12 minutes. Multiple reports claimed that the reception was positive.

Meek Mill travelled to Ghana after discovering on Ancestry.com that he is 18% Ghanaian.

The Philadelphia-based rapper posted his DNA results on his Instagram Story on Wednesday (December 28), circling the 18% labelled “Ivory Coast & Ghana” and writing: “My second home!!!”

Soon after, videos emerged of Meek arriving in the West African country with his entourage and trusty four-wheeler, driving to the club at 3:00 am and not leaving until 7:00 am.

“Young Kings,” he wrote on Instagram. “came to club at 3 am left and 7 am on 12 o clock! #ghanalit they been keeping us from Africa huh lol my come thru be wayyyyyyyyyyyy different.”

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