Osebo the Zaraman and Ajagurajah involved in fashion beef

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Bishop Kwabena Boakye Asiamah of the Ajagurajah movement and Ghanaian fashionista Osebo the Zaraman are disputing over who has the best fashion sense on social media.

The beef which started a few days ago has sparked the interest of the general public who are watching with keen interest to see who will emerge the victor.

Ajagurajah who instigated the purported beef said he was not in agreement with the statement that “fashion is calculation” as expressed by the boutique owner, Osebo.

“Osebo, what are you saying? Osebo, the Zara Man, what are you saying? You said fashion is calculation? Check out the feathers and the feather attire. You have lost. This is a feathered outfit,” he said in his latest video.

But in a sharp rebuttal, Osebo whose real name is Richard Brown also took to his Instagram to defend his assertion that combination is calculation.

Ajagurah also fired back in the comments section; revealing that he was “not afraid” and asked his fans not to stop the beef.

The two have been releasing more extravagant looks and designs as part of their continuous feud to compete for fashion notoriety.


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