‘Onyame Akatua’ not a diss to Daddy Lumba – Great Ampong makes U-turn

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Gospel singer Great Ampong has denied his latest song, Onyame Akatua, released yesterday, January 25, is a diss song against legendary Highlife artiste, Daddy Lumba.

Perhaps, Great Ampong gave much energy to the perception that Onyame Akatua is a response to Daddy Lumba when he mentioned during an interview on Happy FM that he will be dropping a song for the Yene Wo Sere Kwa hitmaker.

According to Great Ampong in the interview, someone from the camp of Daddy Lumba informed him the Aben Wo Ha singer was in the studio cooking a diss song for him. Thereafter, Ofon Na Edi Asem Foo was released.

Last weekend, the two music icons were the talk of social and mainstream media when Music Producer Roro posted extracts of Onyame Akatua on his social media pages.

The songs starts with Great Ampong talking about someone who has been punished by God with a health condition for swindling people.

Immediately, people viewed the song as Great Ampong’s response to Daddy Lumba’s Ofo Na Edi Asem Foo song released earlier in January 2023.

However, in a conversation with Graphic Showbiz, the musician has stated clearly that his new song has no connection to his alleged frosty relationship with Daddy Lumba.

“My new song is not a diss to Daddy Lumba and that is the truth. Yes, I will respond to him later but what I want people to understand is that Onyame Akatua is not targeted at anyone, especially Daddy Lumba.

“This song carries a general message to listeners. Should I do a song for Daddy Lumba, I will boldly mention his name. When I did a song for Nana Akufo-Addo, I mentioned his name. So, what will stop me from doing so now?” he questioned.

According to Great Ampong, he was excited about happenings prior to the release of Onyame Akatua and deemed them as the workings of God. “Everything happens for a good reason. I’m happy that this is happening because it has brought lots of attention to my new song.”

“I’m granting lots of interviews because of this and that is good for the promotion of the song,” he said.

It is recalled that Daddy Lumba and Great Ampong had had a good relationship in the past, where the two actively campaigned for the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

The bond grew stronger with the duo even working on an album featuring songs such as Father and Son, Wotumi Ye Kese, Wo Din No Yekese and the popular Hossana.

However, the seemingly strong ‘father and son’ relationship took a nosedive when Great Ampong publicly claimed Daddy Lumba swindled him of proceeds of the album.

At the time, he disclosed Daddy Lumba allegedly took all earnings when the album was launched at the Glorious Wave International Church in Tema in 2015.

It is in line with this previous occurrence that people immediately ascribed Daddy Lumba’s Ofon Na Edi Asem Foo answer to Great Ampong’s past comments. Same way, when Onyame Akatua dropped, it was seen as a reaction to Lumba.

Interestingly, Daddy Lumba has also debunked assertions his song is aimed at anyone in particular. Making a submission on DL FM, he emphasised that his song was not directed at any individual.

“I want people to understand that as a musician, you must not always think about yourself when composing a song. You should bear in mind what everyone can relate to, and that is what will make the song popular,” he added.

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