Ofori Amponsah not part of my success story – Aisha Modi

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Aisha Modi, the controversial music investor and socialite in an Instagram live session with her fans and followers, has revealed not many men are part of his story including her former lover, Ofori Amponsah.

Aisha Modi who was last weekend crowned a queen-mother in Sowutuom also claimed the only person to have ever given her money is her current partner.

In her Instagram live, Aisha would say “I have done so much, not many Ghanaian men are part of my success. My husband is the first man I have lived with who has given me money. I stayed with Ofori Amponsah for twelve (12) years and when money from our shows came in, it landed straight in my bank account.”

Aisha Modi would further reveal she once shared a colossal private home with Ofori Amponsah when the two were a pair as far as the provision of food and clothing “We built a 21-apartment. If I have $10,000 I give it to Ofori and tell him and Ofori takes it. What we will eat at home, what we will wear, I give it to him. It’s not like I have a man who is doing that for me.” The two were once love birds who had been together for 12 years at a time Aisha Modi was a relatively unknown name in the industry.

Her revelations have got many fans wondering her reasons for doing that but the socialite is one to never walk away from the controversy as she has been involved in many brawls over the years and the most recent back and forth between her and former Bhim nation label signee, OV who accused Aisha of being one who lies.


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