NPP Parliamentary primaries: I have enough dollars to pay delegates – Alfred Obeng

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The Member of Parliament for Bibiani-Ahnwiaso-Bekwai in the Western North region, Alfred Obeng Boateng, has defended his recent statements regarding campaign finances for the upcoming NPP parliamentary primaries slated for February 2024.

In a viral audio clip, he stated his willingness to provide financial support to delegates in his constituency to match any offers from his political contenders.

Mr. Obeng Boateng expressed his readiness to provide as much as GHC20,000 to each of the over 2000 delegates in the area, stating that he had ample financial resources in dollars to match or exceed any potential offers from his competitors.

Speaking with Citi News about the leaked audio tape, Mr. Obeng Boateng justified his comments while also highlighting that some portions of the tape had been edited.

He clarified that he intended to pay more than what others might offer but not necessarily double the amount.

“I don’t know who said double, [but] I said I was willing to pay more than they intend doing but not double,” Mr Obeng Boateng told Citi News’ Hawa Iddrisu.

Additionally, he emphasized that he had kept his money in dollars and reiterated that there was no wrongdoing in having dollar accounts. He pointed out that the possession of dollars should not be misconstrued as hoarding or illegal activity.

“Well, I said that as somebody who plans ahead as somebody who knows what he is doing…I should be prepared by now…they are talking about bringing their foreign partners to transfer dollars, and I equally have dollars in Ghana here. The dollar is not a contraband item, the dollar is not cocaine, and the dollar is a currency that we spend in Ghana, various people have dollar accounts, cedi accounts and euro accounts.

“I have kept my money in dollars and I don’t see any news in this and I don’t see why this should be misconstrued if I have kept money in dollars it means that the dollars have been hoarded or packed in my bedroom.”

Mr. Obeng Boateng firmly asserted that his statements were intended as a deterrent against potential competition and not as an attempt to purchase votes. He believes that his comments did not warrant investigation by any regulatory agency such as the Special Prosecutor.

According to him, his remarks underscore his financial preparedness for the upcoming campaign and his commitment to securing the support of delegates in his constituency.

Source: Citinewsroom.com

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