Nigerians are more intentional with their work – Bulldog

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Bulldog, Manager of Artiste as well as CEO of Bullhaus entertainment has credited Nigerians for being more intentional with their works than Ghanaians and come here to learn.

Bulldog who was on UTV’s United Showbiz program said “They (Nigerians) are intentional about their work but when they come here (Ghana), they come and learn and take it back to their country”

He would go on to further add how Ghanaians believe in their gifts but lack the aggression to pursue them “We have taken it for granted that we have the gift and are singing too, but the gift alone will not work because it is not intentional”

Bulldog would also add what observation he made whilst on a visit to Nigeria and how they banned the playing of Hip-Hop songs in Nigeria so they could push their own sound “Over the years, there was a revolution. When we went there at the time, there was Hiphop music but they made sure they stopped playing those songs so they formed groups and from one place, they went to other radio stations” and for him, this is one amongst other reasons why the Nigerian sound has become so powerful not just continentally but on a global scale.

Bulldog and other pundits on the show were discussing why the Nigerian music Industry has become a major force in the global music market and it’s no more just about Davido, Wizkid and Burna-Boy as the new talents continue to break into the international market


Do you think with the same strategy adopted in our music industry, we could go further than we have already done already or different things work for different people and let’s just focus on our uniqueness? Let us have your thoughts and opinions via our comment session, this has been your errand boy with words as feet!

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