Neymar’s reaction after losing €1million in an hour on online casino (WATCH)

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Neymar has reacted to losing €1 million during an online casino session.

The injured Paris Saint-Germain star is a keen poker player and is often entering tournaments both in person and online. He’s usually pretty handy too.

However, that wasn’t quite the case on Thursday evening.

According to Brazilian outlet Globo Esporte, Neymar lost €1million [around £880,000].

That sum of money is merely a fantasy for many of us. We couldn’t imagine having that much money at our disposal.

So imagine what it would feel like to lose that much money in the space of an hour.

That’s what happened to Neymar as he live streamed his casino session on Twitch.

It meant we could witness what losing €1million actually looks like.

For Neymar, he proceeded to fake cry and then scream. A mock Titanic theme then started to play before Neymar said “Oh f**k” before he let out a laugh.

A friend could be heard saying he went “from a million to zero in 60 minutes”, before Neymar joked: “I’m going to put this on YouTube.”

The Brazilian clearly wasn’t too upset at just losing €1million.

Earlier this week, French outlet L’Equipe released the top wages for players in Ligue 1.

Unsurprisingly, Neymar was right up there.

The 31-year-old reportedly takes home €3,675,000 every month in wages at PSG. That’s before you consider all of his sponsorships and endorsements.

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