New Kejetia Market to be shut down for one more week

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The Kumasi City Markets Limited, managers of the Kumasi Kejetia Market Complex, have announced an extension of the shutdown of the building following the devastating fire in some parts last Wednesday.

The redeveloped market was shut down immediately after the disaster.

That decision was to last three days.

But after an emergency meeting held on Friday, March 17, the board says “there is the need to assess the electromechanical and other safety installations as well as the structural integrity of the affected area before granting access to patrons”.

As a result, the non-affected area of the facility is to be closed down for a further one week from Monday, March 20 while the affected area is to be closed down indefinitely.

“The general public is therefore advised to strictly adhere to the above measures in order to safeguard lives and property,” said a statement issued by the board.

Meanwhile, some traders have vowed to resist this move as they claim it will affect their livelihood.

“Having sited(sic) a press release purporting to come from the Kumasi City Market board of Directors, on the opening of the Kejetia Market which have been extended for one extra week start Monday 20th March 2023, we wish to categorically state that we disagree with this vehemently.

“Let no one take we traders and transport operators for granted,” a press release issued by a coalition of traders associations threatened.

They are calling for the dismissal of the board chairman.

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