NAPO refute claims of signing any contract with Genser

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The Ministry of Energy has reacted to media reports on the Genser deal insisting that the sector minister, Dr. Mathew Opoku Prempeh, has not signed any contract with Genser for the building of a second Gas processing plant with a higher capacity.

In a statement on January 10, 2023, the Energy Ministry, stated, “The Minister wishes to state emphatically that neither he nor anyone else acting on behalf of the Ministry has signed any contract with GENSER. The only contracts signed with Genser on record are by GNGC and GNPC”.

The Energy Ministry reiterated that the issue is being investigated by the Parliamentary Committee on Mines and Energy.

“This matter is being investigated by the Parliamentary Committee on Mines and Energy. The Ministry is mindful of the legal consequences of discussing same in those circumstances. The President of the Republic further referred the matter to the Ministry, the Petroleum Commission, and the Energy Commission for investigation. A report in this respect has been delivered to His Excellency the President,” the statement added.

A statement issued by the Ghana Gas-SSA dated January 9, 2023 urged President Akufo-Addo to intervene in the minister’s alleged approval of the Genser deal since his dream of having a second Gas Processing Plant is on the line.

The senior staff expressed their displeasure about the manner in which the Minister was supposedly handling the Gas industry.

“Workers of Ghana Gas were shocked to hear that Genser is planning to build a Gas Processing Plant with its raw gas source being Jubilee fields. They are therefore calling on the presidency to intervene since the President’s dream of having a second Gas processing plant is on the line,” the Association said in its statement.

The ministry, however, in its statement promised to release in due time the relevant documentation necessary in this matter.

Read below the Ministry of Energy’s full statement

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