My duty is to give at least three hit songs every year – Medikal

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Award-winning Ghanaian rapper Medikal has talked up his career and what he goes into each year as far as expectation is concerned

Medikal in an interview on 3 Music’s Big Convo stated it was duty-bound on him to make sure he has atleast three commercially successful songs annually “My duty is to give at least three hit songs every year and release an EP or album for my listeners to vibe with. Every year you’ll find me in there somehow. From ‘Stubborn Academy’, you’ll find ‘Kaneshie-Odorkor-Accra’ and you’ll find ‘I am too jollof for your rice’. You will always get something to jam to”

Addressing his writing style, Medikal revealed what thought process go into assembling such catchy phrases he has made a name for himself by insisting it is as simple as saying what he feels and credits every rapper for having their own style whilst stating he is okay as far as his fans are okay with what he writes and vibe with “I don’t just say those things to generate extra buzz. I do it effortlessly, I say what I feel like saying. These are lines, it is my own bars. Each rapper has their style and someone might rubbish their style. That is my signature and so I don’t mind how some people see it but in my opinion and that of my fans, it is dope. They connect to my music and they vibe with it”

Medikal is currently on a media tour promoting his upcoming ‘Planning & Plotting’ album which he would be releasing via the various music streaming platforms. The rapper has made some major changes to his team as he earlier this week revealed he was no longer working with his manager (Flow Delly) as the two have parted ways

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