Moesha goes back to her old days as she’s seen dancing in a nightclub

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Repented Ghanaian socialite, Moesha Buduong has made fresh headlines for herself for bad reasons again.

Despite her claims of being born-again, Moesha was recently seen dancing seductively in a nightclub and exposing her thighs and other body parts.

The video in question saw many netizens bashing her and claiming that she was lying just for clout.

She did, however, come out to plead with her followers who saw her in that state, even promising to delete her Snapchat account and others’ in order to get away from such act.

While this apology is not fully accepted by many, Moesha has yet again been spotted at a club doing new ‘cr@zy’ things.

As she danced like a possessed person doing a lot of shocking and brilliant moves, people at the club gathered around Moeaha with their phones to capture her.

In this latest video, Moesha was spotted dancing uncontrollably.

Watch the video below;

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