Men stopped coming after I got married – Nana Ama McBrown

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Nana Ama McBrown has revealed how she deals with men who come her way even before she got married

In an interview with Jonnie Hughes, Nana Ama McBrown revealed “Men stopped coming after I got married. It is difficult to approach me, you can’t confess your love to me one time. It will be difficult for you to openly declare your love for me on that level because, by the time I finish with you, we could be more like siblings”

The newest Media General recruit also added “I’ll deal with you as a friend, that is how I move. I don’t impress anyone..  it is hard for any approach like that. I am not like that”

Meanwhile Nana Ama McBrown has been in the news after she joined Media General and responded to her critics by revealing she had no contract with UTV “I told my previous employers that I wanted to hold on from December. Let’s think of something new to do, that’s what I said to them. I was expecting them to call and say come let’s think about what is new. However, I don’t have a contract with anybody so if nobody is minding me, I have the right to move on…I am not here to explain much. This is me, I pray about every step I make, I don’t just move. Whoever is saying what about me, I leave that person to God because I know myself and I know I have worked my way through here. I didn’t come here just for the sake of my beauty or maybe my smile. I have worked to make my smile impactful. I am here because I have worked, oh Jonnie I have worked”

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