Lazy to rely on pastors for prayers – Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson, the award-winning Ghanaian movie maker and actress has disclosed it is laziness for any Christian or child of God for that matter to rely on pastors or so-called men of God to pray on their behalf.

According to Yvonne Nelson, most Christians have subjected to these pastors because it is the easier route since they cannot pray for themselves and have easily subjected themselves to anyone with the title of a pastor without first authenticating if these are indeed servants of God

According to the actress “You can pray and read the word; no need to rely solely on spiritual fathers to pray on your behalf. People pay pastors to pray for them and I feel it’s laziness because you can do all those for yourself as a child of God”

Yvonne Nelson would also mention her belief in dreams as she is convinced God usually speaks to us through dreams and not just ourselves but people sometimes close to us “I believe in dreams, not necessarily prophesies. If God wants to reveal something about me, he can show it in my dream or someone close to me can also dream about it. I don’t need a pastor to tell me God is real, Jesus and the Holy Spirit is real”

The actress has been in the news recently following her assertion on love as she was unequivocal about her stand “I’m not sure I’ve been loved. When you look back, you will realize it was because of this that’s why he came into my life. I don’t believe in it. I feel like the love I want to express to the other person, they don’t have that love to give back. So it’s not like I’ve cancelled it and I can never fall in love but I don’t think there is anyone out there who can give me the same, it is always conditional”


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