Kwaku Manu advises against staying in the same house with the family of your spouse

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Kwaku Manu, a Kumawood actor, has cautioned against against staying in the same house with a spouse’s family as it breeds disrespect.

According to him, once a married couple decides to invite their families into their marital homes, those family members take them for granted.

“It will be proper not to stay with your family when you get married. I say this because I believe you’ll lose your respect if you do that,” he told Zionfelix in a recent interview.

“It goes both ways. If you’re a man or a woman, you should never agree to stay at your family house or bring your family to live with you and your husband or wife. You may be a good person, but the family will certainly take you for granted,” he added.

Therefore, Kwaku Manu encourages couples to begin their marital journeys on their own, devoid of family involvement.

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