Kim Jong Un tells North Korean women to have more babies

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Kim Jong Un has been filmed crying while appealing to North Korea’s women to have more children.

The birthrate in North Korea is declining therefore Kim has asked women to have more babies in a bid to ‘strengthen national power’.

“Stopping the decline in birth rates and providing good child care and education are all our family affairs that we should solve together with our mothers,” Kim said in his speech.

According to South Korea’s government statistics agency, the average North Korean woman was expected to have 1.79 kids in 2022, down from 1.88 in 2014.

In a video, the supreme leader dabbed his eyes with a white handkerchief while making the appeal during an event for mothers in Pyongyang.

As per United Nations data, the average number of children being born in North Korea by a mother stood at 1.8 as of 2023 amid an extended fall in birth in recent decades.

The figure remains higher than North Korea’s neighbours which are also witnessing a downward trend.

South Korea’s fertility rate, is the lowest in the developed world. It is largely because of the competitive school market, weak child care, male-centered corporate culture, etc.

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