Kenyan Chef Maliha faints in an attempt to break longest cooking record

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Kenyan Chef Maliha Mohammed’s attempt to beat the record for the longest cooking marathon was thwarted by a medical issue.

Maliha began the challenge on November 15 with the intention of breaking the current record of 119 hours, 57 minutes, and 16 seconds, keeping fans updated on her progress.

Her attempt to break Alan Fisher’s (Ireland) Guinness World Record took an unexpected turn when she experienced a medical issue after crossing the 111-hour mark.

Maliha was seen unconscious on a stretcher, being attended to by medical staff in a video uploaded on her Instagram stories.

Despite the setback, she was adamant that the emergency would not be the end of the culinary marathon.

“I am a conqueror and a marathon runner. Nothing is bringing us down; to the finish line, we go,” she wrote.

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