Joel Duncan-Williams wanted his father to cast demons out of me before we get married – Yvonne Nelson

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Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson, in her explosive memoir titled, “I am not Yvonne Nelson” has shared details about some of the men who have come across her path.

In the book, which has captured the attention of Ghana since it’s official release on Sunday, June 18, Yvonne has revealed that one of the many men who tried to win her heart was Joel Duncan-Williams, the son of Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams.

According to Yvonne, their paths crossed in the year 2009, however, their friendship will not go any further following his request for her to be prayed for by his father before they could become husband and wife.

“In 2009, while I was on set shooting The Prince’s, I received a visitor. He was not my visitor, as he had come to see someone else. However, by the end of his visit, I turned out to matter more to him than the person he had come to see. This visitor, if I should call him that because of the retinue of security guards he moved with, derived his influence from the surname he carried. His name is Joel Duncan-Williams, the son of the founder and leader of Action Faith Chapel International, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams. Until that day, I hadn’t known or heard about him, but I couldn’t fail to notice his imposing presence when he showed up. Before he left the movie set, he said he had fallen in love with me,” she wrote.
While she remained unsure about his proposal, the son of the archbishop went to great lengths to prove the seriousness of his love by bringing her lunch on set accompanied by his heavy security escort in a mini-convoy,” she writes.

“While I was still unsure of what to tell him, his plans for marriage were far advanced. But something abruptly ended our friendship before it had the slimmest probability of developing further. He paid me a visit one evening with the usual princely entourage that I had only seen in movies featuring non-state officials. When the howling of his motorcade’s siren had adequately announced to the neighborhood that an important somebody had arrived at my household, he came in and announced his plans. He said that before the marriage could proceed, I had to go to his father to be prayed for. The purpose of that prayer was to ensure that any demons or evil spirits present in me or my family line would be cast out,” she narrated.

Yvonne adds that Joel’s suggestion of such a prayer to cast out demons angered her in a way as she herself was a spiritual person, but to be judged as not because of her profession was in the bad light.

“In my head, I asked whether he didn’t think my mother also needed to pray to cast out any potential bad spirits in him.Being the son of Archbishop Duncan-Williams didn’t necessarily mean he was inhabited by the Holy Spirit and guarded by angels. And who told him that being an actress meant that I was a harbinger of malevolent spirits? At least, those who lived in our area would testify that the Manovia household used to be one of the most religious households around.

“My mother’s sense of spirituality heightened after a motor accident she was involved in, and it was rare to miss morning devotion in our house. Those were the times, in my teenage years, I used to interrupt prayer sessions with revelations from God. When I started my acting career, I made it a point to always pray before I started any movie role I was given.

“I am not one of those who wear their religion on their sleeves, but I believe in God and believe in prayers. I have seen the hand of God in my affairs many times, and I have no doubt He comes through for me when I call on Him. I don’t believe in just big pastors or men of God, some of whom are nothing short of entrepreneurs. Therefore, I found it funny that someone who was interested in marrying me and hadn’t secured my consent thought I needed to be spiritually cleansed even before he proceeded. He didn’t see the need for that cleansing to be mutual,” she said.

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