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Investigations into IGP leaked tape concluded

The ad hoc committee investigating the leaked tape plotting to oust the IGP has completed its investigations, and the report is currently in the draft stage.

According to James Agalga, the Deputy Chairman of the committee, the draft report is currently awaiting validation by committee members.

He explained that the ongoing budget-related activities in Parliament have prevented the committee from holding its final meeting to unanimously approve and adopt the report, as required by the Standing Orders of the House.

Mr Agalga assured that once the budget estimates are concluded, the committee will convene to finalise and adopt the report.

“The committee has concluded the investigations, and we have a draft report that is yet to be considered by all the members of the committee because, per the Standing Orders, draft reports are subject to approval by the members of the committee, so that is what is outstanding.”

“Unfortunately, we are in the budget season and all the members are caught up in their various committees and are working on budget estimates.

He added, “I had warned that there was a need for us to act expeditiously so that we could have skipped the budget season, but things did not happen that way so we are hoping that as soon as we are done with the budget estimates, we can convene and adapt the report.”

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