I’m no more the biggest fan of Kwesi Arthur – Efia Odo

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Kwesi Arthur has lost his most popular biggest fan as Efia Odo has announced that nothing of the rapper turns her on again.

Over the years, the Ghanaian actress has been known as a staunch fan of Kwesi Arthur. It has been rumoured so many times that they have been dating secretly, however, both of them denied their relationship publicly.

Efia and Kwesi have been spotted together a few times and the actress also featured in music video alongside the rapper.

Kwesi Arthur

Speaking on Accra-based Onua FM, Efia Odo revealed that things have gone sour between the rapper and herself. During an interview with Felicia Osei, Efia Odo said “ I was a fan but now I’m not a fan anymore,” she added.

Pushed to tell what has changed, she said “the problem is not his current music releases. His music is still good”. She added that “Everything has its time. Nothing lasts forever except the Word of God,” she again said to explain her decision.

Asked if it is the Tema rapper’s personality she has fallen out of love with, Efia after a long pause said “sometimes, some people can do things that can turn you off and then it’s like, ‘Okay, I can’t really be a fan of this guy anymore“.

The actress continued that “so I was a fan of him, his music… I’m still a fan of his music but not the biggest fan anymore”.

It remains unclear what has happened as Efia refused to give further details. According to the actress who has now ventured into music, her new songs will throw more light on her relationship with Kwesi Arthur. “If you listen to my upcoming songs; you’ll hear everything,” she said.

You’ll see everything I go through in life in my music. My third or my fourth single is actually about me and Kwesi; our friendship, and everything and stuff like that,” she concluded. Hear it all from Efia in the video below.

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