I’ll regret if I don’t make more kids – Nana Tonardo

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Controversial Socialite, Nana Tonardo, has revealed a desire of his to have more kids as he would regret if he is unable to have more kids.

Nana Tonardo in an interview with Citi Tv “If I don’t have two or three more kids, I’ll regret it in the future. I’m working towards it so maybe in the next two years, I will”

Nana Tonardo would however reveal he doesn’t intend to get married “I don’t want to get married though. I am not ready for marriage. I was in a relationship with my first child’s mother, it was like a marriage but it didn’t go on well so I don’t think I’m interested in any more of that. I was staying with a woman when I was 20 years and now I am almost 36 years so I have seen it all”

Asked why he wouldn’t want to get married yet, he would respond by claiming “Women can really be troublesome, they can be a handful. We will talk about thi some other day.My heart was indeed broken. My mother even saw me and was shocked that a whole me can be this down. I was really struck, hurt, Broken heart problems”

The controversial social media sensation also revealed once living in the Philippines and even was dating a teenager at the time when he himself was a teenager as well “I have lived in the Philippines before. I had a teenage Filipino girlfriend who ran away with me to the Philippines when I was 15 years old.. she was relocating to the Philippines with her parents, so they went with me”

Nana Tonardo currently has a daughter named Francine who is 15 years old

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