I’ll make it very tough for any other person to break my record – Chef Faila speaks

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Failatu Abdul Razak’s quest to break the Guinness World Record is ongoing at the Modern City Hotel in Tamale.

Already, Chef Faila has done over 100 hours of cooking, and she is on course to break the current record held by Ireland’s Alan Fisher.

The Irish chef had earlier done 119 hours, 57 minutes to beat the record set by Nigeria’s Hilda Baci.

Faila is most likely to break the record by a significant margin, based on her current energy level.

According to new information from her camp, she aims to cook for 200 hours and possibly set more records.

Chef Faila’s determination and optimism has caught the attention of many Ghanaians who have rallied behind her since she began her cook-a-thon.

Chef Faila sees her cook-a-thon as a national assignment

Chef Faila addressed the public in an interview before starting her incredible cook-a-thon journey, expressing her purpose for the attempt.

Faila stressed that her participation is more than just a personal endeavor; she sees it as a national duty, representing Ghana on a worldwide scale.

For her, failing to secure the title from Alan Fisher would be not only a personal setback but a potential disgrace to the nation.

Watch the video below:

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