I’ll be held accountable should Medikal decide to abandon his marriage – Shatta Wale

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Shatta Wale has asserted people (Ghanaians) will blame him if the marriage between Medikal and Fella Makafui hit the rocks

All is obviously not well in the home of the rapper and his wife and although the former has insisted there was nothing like a divorce, the latter was spotted a few times in public outings without her wedding ring whilst confirming in an Instagram Live she was single. Shatta Wale opined he will be blamed should the marriage not work because he is continually associated with anything negative around him

In an interview with Hitz Fm, Shatta Wale revealed “For instance, if Medikal decides to break up with Fella and abandon their marriage, I (Shatta) will be held accountable”

He will continue by adding “I look like a hawk, but I don’t catch chickens. I am not saying this should happen but even if Medikal is not with his wife they will say it’s Shatta who caused it”

Shatta Wale also insisted he doesn’t tell the rapper what to do “I don’t dictate for him. He is a whole big man, and he has said it in a way that people will understand that if you want business I have people who can do that… Medikal is a businessman, and he is not saying he has sacked Flow Delly and I know he is working with distributors outside Ghana, and he is okay”

Wading into the separation with his manager, Shatta Wale revealed “Maybe he [Medikal] has a team that he is trying to project his career, but he is letting people know that he has moved on. He and flow are cool. I know they spoke not long ago and Flow is my brother, and he knows I won’t vouch for anything like that”

The actress who has been spotted a few times without her wedding ring and also confirmed in an Instagram Live video she was now single. However, Medikal has denied reports of trouble in his marriage.

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