I want to move into politics; it’s the best job in Ghana – Michy

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Ghanaian musician and influencer Diamond Michelle Gbagonah, known as Michy, has revealed her plan to become a politician.

During an interview with Kwame Dadzie, Michy shared her motivation to venture into the political arena.

According to the ‘Hustle’ singer, her pursuit of legal education is intrinsically linked to her political ambitions while committed to serving the public.

“I do have goals, that is why I am going to school now. I have several goals in the future and it wouldn’t include doing this [music] for my 40s, my 50s. Hopefully, we can go into politics,” she articulated.

Reflecting on her decision to pursue politics, Michy highlighted the significance of the role in Ghanaian society.

She enthused, “That’s literally the best job in Ghana at the moment.”

She acknowledged that politics can give one an elevated status that can open doors for those who embrace it while offering an avenue to make a tangible difference.

“It gives you a certain status in society that opens doors for you, that might not be open to anyone. So it’s for the status, and the opportunity to help other people,” she shared.

Considering her political aspirations, Michy, 29, disclosed her preference for parliamentary involvement when the time is right.

This preference aligns with her desire to contribute to shaping policies and addressing societal challenges.

Michy’s vision extends beyond politics, as she has already made notable contributions to her community.

She revealed that she provides meals to approximately eighty children in her neighbourhood on a weekly basis, highlighting her commitment to giving back.

In the meantime, while her political journey is still unfolding, Michy continues to cultivate her musical endeavours.

Her latest release, titled ‘Hustle,’ reflects her unwavering spirit and determination.

Source: 3news.com

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