I sponsored 80% of our wedding including the rings – Xandy Kamel

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Xandy Kamel, a media celebrity, has revealed further details about her failed marriage to fellow presenter Kaninja.

In an interview on the Delay Show, she stated, among other things that she was the key financier of their marriage, which has since ended.

Xandy Kamel said that she sponsored over 80% of their wedding, which took place not more than six months after she met with Kaninja.

“I bought the rings for both of us, I took about a third of the engagement expenses. In the case of weddings, we had support from sponsors, most of them well-wishers including my seamstress whom I gave money for fabrics.

“His suit was bought and sent down by an uncle of mine, it is as though I am the one who married him, that is the main reason I am able to dissolve the marriage,” she said.

“I married him because I did everything about the marriage and he only came in as a man I respected because a woman must at all means make it seem that the man is in charge,” she said.

Her revelations have triggered a fightback on the part of Kaninja who has accused her of not playing her role as a wife in the marriage.

Watch the interview below;


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