“I nearly went mad after my wife divorced me” – Salinko reveals (Video)

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Kumawood actor, Salinko has disclosed that he and his wife have gone their separate ways after years of marriage.

According to him, he is currently divorced, however the reasons for their divorce remains sketchy.

“I have to break that I and my wife are no longer together. We have divorced. Right now, I am a divorcee. As you can see, I no more wear my ring,” he said in an interview with Poleeno Multimedia.

Salinko, known in real life as Abraham Kofi Essuman Davis, revealed that her wife woke up one day and suddenly told him “she is fed up” with their relationship, therefore calling for a divorce.

He further stated that their divorce had nothing to do with promiscuity, stressing “my wife wasn’t promiscuous. The same way when you ask her about Salinko, she will tell you I am not a womanizer and we didn’t divorce because of promiscuity”.

“Madam just said that she is fed up, we went to the father and the father also said he can see the daughter is fed up; no one maltreated her or did anything to her.

“I nearly went mad but I had to manage because initially when I go to the market to sell, I can sit there for a while until someone prompts me before I become conscious of myself. Yes, a lady can tell you that she is fed up without any reason,” he said.

Salinko is known for his comic roles in several Kumawood movies and TV series including the popular ‘Boys Abre’.

Salinko said he was able to overcome the pain of the divorce by listening to motivational messages.

Hear more from the video below;

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