‘I mistook him for someone else’ – Efya and Blakk Rasta patch things up

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In a surprising turn of events, Ghanaian singer Efya has openly expressed her deep admiration and love for Blakk Rasta, following her earlier claim of not knowing him and his work during an interview.

According to her, Blakk Rasta is a person she respects and there is no way she will ever forget to know him and his contributions to the industry.

She stated: “Oh yes, I’ll never not know that man ever again in my life. I’ll know him every day, forever and ever and I pay respect to him for his job and everything he does.”

On February 2, 2023, Efya in an interview with GHOne TV was queried if she knew the radio presenter, Blakk Rasta.

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In her response, she answered by saying that she doesn’t know him including Blakk Rasta’s personality and his works.

The host, in order to help the singer recall the radio presenter, she sang Blakk Rasta’s popular song, ‘Barack Obama’ that was when she remembered the name sounded familiar to her.

“Oh, that funny man, yeah yeah yeah. He does funny songs, right? Listen, everyone for himself, God for us all”, she stated.

Blakk Rasta then replied to the comment she passed but was angered when Efya said he does funny songs. This, therefore, generated some tension between the singer and the radio presenter.

Efya, in an interview with Asempa FM cleared the air by stating that she mistook Blakk Rasta for someone else which is why she denied knowing him earlier on.

She said: “I mistook him for someone else, yeah that is why”.

The incident created tension between Efya and Blakk Rasta, as he was displeased with her comment about him doing funny songs. However, Efya took the opportunity to rectify the situation and express her regret over the misunderstanding.

Reacting to Efya’s change of my mind about her knowledge on who he is, Blakk Rasta has shared a portion of the interview on his Twitter with the caption;

“The love is DEEEEEP… A sister is always a sister @EFYA_Nokturnal Love you always…”

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