I ended up into m@sturbation when my ex-hubby denied me sex – iOna Reine (Video)

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iOna Reine started masturbating while married and nearly dated women. iOna said her ex-husband denied her sex during marital problems on the Naked Truth Show.

So she got hooked to pornography. iOna Reine didn’t desire extramarital relationships but wanted sexual satisfaction.

“You’re married. Problems don’t matter. It’s no justification to sleep around. I needed to physically appreciate porn after seeing it. I self-touched. Drug-like.

After a time, 5 milligrams won’t work. Increase the dosage. That’s a drug. I stopped massaging my thighs and bought a massager. She revealed on SVTV AFRICA, “I got obsessed.”

iOna said she became unwell for two days after masturbating and grew weary of it. I felt ill and empty. I wanted to quit but couldn’t.

iOna started masturbating and watched porn five years ago but struggled to quit. She discovered Christ and overcome addiction.

iOna shared her experience to inspire and provide hope to others.

Video of her confession below:

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