I don’t eat meat or anything from animals – Okyeame Kwame

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Okyeame Kwame, Ghana’s rap doctor has revealed why he has opted to go vegan citing the feelings of the animals.

Speaking on 3FM Drive with Giovanni Caleb, the ‘rap doctor’ explained that his decision to adopt a vegan lifestyle was a difficult and not an easy one. He had to give up some of his favorite foods, including beef and cow meat, and had to learn to cook vegan meals that were both delicious and nutritious. However, he has since not regretted the decision and is better than he has ever been on both a mental and physical level

“One day, I realised that the most important thing to me is my life, and I saw the cow felt the same way. The ant feels the same way… If my life is important to me, and I want to watch my children grow, and the cow and the chicken also feel the same way, then I shouldn’t eat them. I stopped! Yes, I’m vegan. I don’t eat meat or anything from animals except honey,”

Okyeame Kwame is most often in the news for all the right reasons and recently revealed how he decided to go after music and leave behind school “My grandmother called her uncle who was a lecturer at a university. We were in a queue to get the registration done when I suddenly changed my mind to go and rap in Kumasi. My father was very understanding so I informed about my decision to quit school and start making music. He then told me he will allow me to pursue my dreams if I promise to attend the university someday. This was in 1996 and in 1997, Akyeame became a hit in Ghana”


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