He is a monster, I’m yet to see any artist like him – Bullgod on Shatta Wale

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Owner of Bullhaus entertainment Bullgod has revealed what working with a former artist of his (Shatta Wale) was like

In an interview with Kafui Dey on GTV’s breakfast show, Bullgod on what the work ethic of Shatta Wale is like stated “He is hardworking, I love that about him. Shatta Wale is too hardworking and he does not sleep, too hardworking. He is on the mic all the time, he is singing, he is producing”

Bullgod would then be quizzed on if Shatta Wale was capable of producing as many as 10 songs a day to which he responded “What do you mean, he can produce 5, 6, 10, songs. He is a monster, I’m yet to see any artist like him. I have worked with artists. I mean Iwan was like that, Iwan was producing his own stuffs as well but Shatta is a beast”

Bullgod has been a strong voice in the Ghanaian music industry and was recently in the news when he criticized the minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture for not doing enough for the sector “This is the second time we have had a creative person in government and I cannot recall what he has done. I am a number one critic of Catherine Afeku but I can tell you she did better than Mark Okraku-Mantey. Where are the amphitheatres? They promised last year and up till now where are they? Let’s be serious and that is what saddens my heart. We have not asked anyone to promise us theatres. That is insulting and disrespectful. We are the ones looking after them. We are the ones taking care of them with taxpayers’ money. They are government appointees”

Bullgod is one of the country’s finest entertainment minds and has for more than a decade been contributing to the growth of the industry

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