Hajia4Reall set to face trial in USA over alleged fraud

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Mona Montrage, a Ghanaian socialite and musician also known as Hajia4Reall, is reportedly being prepared for transfer by the UK authorities to the US for jury trial.

She was recently detained by British officials while visiting London. She supposedly had fraud charges brought against her in the US, leading to the reason she was detained.

Hajia avoided traveling to the US after any alleged offences she may have done, but she frequently visited the UK. On one of these trips, she was grabbed.

Since then, she has been stranded in the UK, allegedly under house arrest with a GPS tracker attached to her leg.

A recent video of Hajia4Real hanging out in the UK with the tracker on her ankle has surfaced online.

In a new development on her case, UK authorities are getting ready to hand Hajia over to the US according to a blogger.

If this occurs, she will be tried for her alleged fraud and, if found guilty, will be jailed.

Although the news hasn’t been officially confirmed, we’re hoping for good news.

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