God’s attention is far from Christian Atsu – Prophet

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A so-called Prophet identified as Eliezer Oswald Awuyeh has asserted doing good the church won’t save one since the poor won’t save you

According to the prophet “Christian Atsu people say he does good, he goes to the hospital, he goes to orphans and a man of God said, you can do all these things but if he doesn’t do it in the house of God, God’s attention is far from him (Christian Atsu)”

He will further go on to add why tithes should only be paid in the church and not through acts of benevolence “someone says my tithe I will go and give it to someone sitting by the roadside, someone also says my tithe I will give it to poor people. Is that where God asked you to take your tithe?”

In the video that has now gone viral online with a lot of reactions, Prophet Eliezer Oswald Awuyeh added that “so when something happens to you will the poor person save you? He said bring it to my house so that there will be food in my house. You are not wiser than God, you aren’t smarter than him. No matter how philanthropic you are, no matter how hospital you are, your hospitality can never bring you a heavenly reward”

The death of Christian Atsu has dominated the Ghanaian airwaves due to his philanthropic nature and the millions he has helped without the attention of the media. Several including Nigerian comedian ‘Craze Clown’ has revealed how Christian Atsu came to his aid after reaching out to the deceased footballer when he lost his Dad and the latter would help him through school by paying for his fees. Christian Atsu lost his life to an unfortunate earthquake that struck Turkey where he played professionally.

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