Fufu makes me run faster – Karim Adeyemi

Karim Adeyemi, a forward for Borussia Dortmund, said that eating the African delicacy fufu was the reason for his blazing-fast speed after scoring the game-winning goal against Chelsea.

On Wednesday night, the German team defeated Chelsea by a slim margin of 1-0 thanks to the 21-year-old striker in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League round of 16.

He said: “I eat a lot of African foods, but I have good genetics from my dad. “[The food] is called fufu from Nigeria,” he said when asked which food makes him so fast.

The only thing I was thinking [against Enzo Fernandez] was that I just needed to get the ball past him. You just try to win your duels; the goalkeeper came out, and there may have been a bit of luck, but I’m delighted with the goal.

“It’s a case of new year, new luck.” For me, it’s that simple. As a team, we talked a lot during the break, and it brought us closer together.

“The win tonight was crucial, and it was unbelievable to play in front of these fans.” “We wanted to give Chelsea a tough game from start to finish, and we’ve won.”

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