Friends gave me wee beverages – Moesha finally speaks on repentance (WATCH)

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Moesha Boduong has revealed the real reason behind repentance. The Ghanaian actress interviewed on ‘The Delay Show’ shared the story.

According to her, she drunk something her friends gave her and that made her to start seeing things differently. “I had some few drinks with some friends that made me to start seeing things in a different way. I was seeing so many things that did not make sense to me” she said.

Talking about the content of the drink. Moesha disclosed that “it’s alcoholic, it has somethings that I later realized it was dangerous. The drink had hard drugs,” that got me hallucinating “everyone who had the drink felt similar reactions and everyone got better, i felt the presence of God and it’s been like that till now“.

Moesha Boduong was of the world and was living as one of Accra’s big girls in the city. She owned a Range Rover, Toyota Prado and has been travelling across the world on business class tickets but in 2021, things changed dramatically for the actress.

In July 2021, a video of Moesha Boduong confessing to some of the wild things she has done for money and fame surfaced online with reports that she was saved from committing suicide.

Further speaking about her repentance on The Delay Show, Moesha said it was also triggered by a man she was dating. According to her, she was not supposed to be in a relationship with the man.

What happened to me was that, I was in a relationship with somebody I was not supposed to be in a relationship and God touched me and I went to Victoria Michael’s brother’s church and I felt the presence of God and it was so deep, I never felt like that in any church before,” she told Delay.

In the interview below, Moesha confirmed that she sold her Range Rover and burnt her money because a voice told her to do so. Hear more from her in the video below.

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