“Focus on my music than my body” – S3fa

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Songstress S3fa has emphasized her desire for people to take a break from questioning her about her body, stating that she believes such inquiries are overly personal and not open for public discussion.

In a recent interview with Accra FM, the “Echoke” hitmaker, S3fa firmly stated that she does not feel obligated to provide explanations about her body to anyone. She stressed that this aspect of her life is private, and she is unperturbed by the opinions others may hold about her.

The talented musician’s primary focus remains her music career, and she is committed to delivering high-quality music to her fans.

“So if people decide to concentrate on my personal life and my body more than the music, there’s nothing I can do about it. I’m doing my best, but I don’t think I owe anybody an explanation, just as they don’t owe me an explanation,” she stated.

The Black Avenue Muzik signee S3fa acknowledged that people often approach her with questions about her physical appearance, but she firmly believes that certain subjects, including one’s body, should remain private.

To underscore her point, she posed a rhetorical question, asking how individuals would feel if they were asked about their intimate activities.

Born Sefadzi Abena Amesu, S3fa is well known for songs such as Growth, Shuga, Echoke, Fever and Softlife.

S3fa also mentioned that she was taking good care of herself and doing anything that will make her happy and feel good about herself.

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