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Fire destroys China Mall warehouse at Weija Junction

Fire has destroyed a warehouse belonging to China Mall at Weija in Accra last Saturday.

The incident happened on Saturday afternoon [November 26, 2022].

According to the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS), it took firefighters over nine hours to bring the fire under control.

The Public Relations Office of the Greater Accra Regional GNFS said they received the distress call at 3:32pm.

“The ferocious warehouse fire was offensively fought by the tactical firefighters and finally knocked out at 02:17am on Sunday (November 27, 2022) without recording any casualty,” the GNFS said in a statement published on Facebook.

Cause of fire

“The protracted fire was due to the chain of assorted fuels involved in the blaze and the difficulty in gaining access to the seat of the raging inferno”, it added.

The inferno caused damage to part of the warehouse leading to destruction of an unspecified variety of household electronic appliances, accessories and clothing.

According to the GNFS, the firefighters were able to salvage some home appliances which included deep freezers, television sets, washing machines, air conditioners and a large portion of the warehouse from fire ruins.

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