Fasting and Prayer is key in my music career – Gyakie

Ghanaian singer Jacqueline Acheampong, professionally known as Gyakie, says her expectations have been met in the release of her EP “My Diary”.

She is excited her fans have not been disappointed in the sound that came out and still feels they are not done consuming the music yet per the response from social media.

“I never saw myself to be this big if I was asked four or five years ago,” Gyakie told DJ Reuben in an interview on Luv FM’s Drivetime show in Kumasi.

“To be very honest I never had that confidence in myself, I didn’t know my voice was this unique. I had to get people to tell me,” she said.

The responses she got from her fans made her realize she needed to be confident in herself and that has enhanced her career growth.

There are times she cries, complains, feels tired and even wants to stop the music.

“First of all, I have a soft side and there have been times when everything just feels too much for you as a person. Immediately you come into the camera and show yourself to the world, people see you as a machine and don’t see you as a human with emotions so they just say things and don’t imagine how the person is going to feel about it,” Gyakie said.

The ‘Forever’ hitmaker revealed every member of her team is very religious and she is very grateful to God for that.

“One thing we don’t joke with is fasting and prayers to be very honest with you. Most of the songs that come out, we do fast and pray before we make it available on all streaming platforms for people to consume, and obviously, there’s a lot of groundwork that is done to push whatever song that is coming out,” she stated.

Gyakie mentioned the Global Citizen Festival 2022 at the Black Star Square as the biggest platform she has mounted so far.

“I was nervous at the beginning but when I saw the people were excited to see me then I said to myself we are in for the fun and it made me so happy till the end of my performance and the entire show,” she shared the experience.

The event was headlined by American R&B artist Usher and SZA.

The ‘Live Experience with Gyakie’ concert is slated for this December.

She is also billed to perform at the Afronation and Afrochella concerts.

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