Fans react to Tem’s Outfit at the #Oscars

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Nigerian Afrobeat sensation Tems usually makes the news for the right reasons and was over the weekend, a nominee at the Oscars but we will get into that later as her outfit seemingly overclouded the ecstasy she was supposed to have ignited amongst followers and instead, invoked reactions!

Below are some reactions to her incredible outfit to the Oscars

‘Imagine waiting your whole life to be at the Oscars and you end up sitting behind a stratus cloud’ – @Jarrett Bellini

‘To the people trying to make this about race, don’t be ridiculous. The color of her skin has nothing to do with the fact that her gown is blocking the view of the people sitting behind her. Trying to make it about race when it isn’t harms legitimate arguments abt race relations’ – @Bench Points Champ

‘Bad publicity is also publicity! Shout outs to the PR team! Everyone on earth gonna know who Tems is, not just Afrobeats lovers, African and African Americans’ – @Duncan Daniels US Afrobeats Artist

‘You seem to be uncomfortable with her attire because she’s Tems.. if she was Gaga or Rihanna that wouldn’t be an issue right..The man at the back didn’t see an issue with his view being obstructed, he would have called her attention. Y’all been trying to start a convo for clout’- @Monεykιd™

‘I find that dress super beautiful. I probably wouldn’t say she was inconsiderate. She just wanted to slay one of the moments of her life. However, personally I just think the people behind her were quite uncomfortable. Maybe she didn’t think that through. But that dress is (Fire emoji) – @ Ezinne Precious▪ Ez

‘Look I get where people are coming from wanting to defend Tems, but this isn’t it. If the roles were reversed, y’all would be decrying whomever wore that dress and was blocking Tems view, keep the same energy here’ – @ Smash Brandi’s Cooch

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