Fameye reveals he was once a teacher with a salary of GHC 150

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Talented Ghanaian Hiplife/Highlife artist Fameye has revealed he was once a teacher who enjoyed singing to the students very much

Speaking in an interview, Fameye revealed “I have taught before at Mempeasem, located in East Legon around Trinity. With kids, you don’t need to do much, and I used to sing jamma for the children too much. I took the kids to the streets too much. Imagine teaching these East Legon children the songs I used to teach them. The headmistress used to ask me what I was doing. The children called me, ‘Teacher Peter.’ They used to pay me ¢150”

Fameye also revealed he is usually taken advantage due to his calm nature “Peter is calm, Fameye is calm, but I have realized that people want to pour hot water on me. Ever since I grew up, it has always been like that. What other people do that nobody talks about when I do it, it’s a different story. I am not saying people need to keep quiet, but it is something that always happens to me”

The ‘praises’ hitmaker continued by adding “I have told God that whatever anyone says about me if it’s true, he should punish me, and if something is supposed to go well for me because of what I have done wrong, God shouldn’t let me progress. Everything I have is in God’s hands”

Fameye would conclude by recollecting an issue with his former manager “I remember in 2019 when I had an issue with my former boss. Everyone was against me, and I don’t like to talk about what I go through or explain it. If I am ungrateful, God should punish me. I hate hearing the word ungrateful”

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