Energy Commission bans importation and sale of 19 used appliances

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The importation of 19 inferior electrical equipment and renewable energy goods has been banned, according to the Energy Commission.

A statement by the Energy Commission explained that the ban is to prevent Ghana from becoming a desirable destination for substandard and used appliances and also to save the economy by reducing electricity demand which necessitates additional generation capacity with its associated fuel cost.

The commission also explained that the ban is to protect the environment and safeguard the health of citizens from air pollution caused by increased power generation and to protect the consumer from purchasing unsuitable appliances and the payment of unnecessarily high electricity bills.

The Commission urged the general public, particularly importers of electrical appliances as well as prospective manufacturers to take note and not import such products.

The products banned by the Energy Commission include Air conditioners, Rice cookers, Television sets, Comfort fans and clothes washing machines among other products.

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