Efia Odo tells ladies to stop embarrassing themselves by proposing to men

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Efia Odo professes to be in love once more. The Ghanaian celebrity revealed that her new valentine is pure because she and her partner had agreed to forgo having sex until getting married. And it wasn’t until she stopped looking for love elsewhere that she finally met the man of her dreams.

Efia Odo has always made her relationships known to the world, but she has kept this one discreet since she announced it was just a couple of weeks old.

The actress described how toxic her previous relationships had been. She said that until she started to love herself, she had no idea she was settling for less.

“That’s why I say you have to love yourself. I was settling for less than what I deserved. The basic thing, this man couldn’t even do for me. I was so blinded by wanting love so bad that I was settling for way less than I deserve.”

Efia Odo revealed that she did not go hunting for love about her new man, with whom she is looking forward to enjoying an unforgettable Valentine’s Day with.

“Don’t look for love. Let love find you because I was in that space where I wasn’t looking for love. I was done with men.

“But then love found me. So don’t go looking for love. Let love naturally find you. Sometimes because you are looking and want it so bad, you have to settle for anything that comes.”

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