Don’t scrap taxes on imported menstrual pads – AGI

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The Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) has cautioned the government against implementing a policy that would remove taxes on imported sanitary pads while disregarding local manufacturers.

According to the AGI, such a measure would have severe negative consequences for the country’s economy.

AGI said removing taxes on foreign pads will affect local businesses and the economy in general. Imported sanitary products attract 32.5% tax in Ghana, which is made up of 20% import duty and 12.5% in Value Added Tax.

“The Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) wishes to caution government that any policy measure that seek to remove taxes on imported sanitary pads, at the expense of local manufacturers of same will be very detrimental to our economy,” the AGI said in a statement issued on Wednesday (21 June).

“Our local manufacturer of sanitary pads and diapers have been under pressure from cheap and sub-standard imports which sell closeout.

“Instead of removal of import duties, local manufacturers of hygienic sanitary pads have since petitioned government for exemption from VAT and Import duty on their imported raw materials,” the AGI statement said.

Below is the full statement:

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