Davido’s album is 3/10 – Daniel Regha

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Controversial Entertainment writer Daniel Regha who has been linked by many to Ghana’s Bongo Ideas in terms of critique is concerned has given his review on Davido’s TIMELESS album with fans reacting

Daniel Regha is a verified critique whose verification stays within the circles of solely criticizing the works of others and has this time decided to focus his lense on the most-talked about man in Nigeria currently, Davido

Daniel Regha in a tweet had this to say about the album ‘Davido’s “Timeless” is a 3/10; The album should be touching several topics like death (with a tribute to Ifeanyi), pain & life’s journey, but most songs were about women. It’s n¤t a masterpiece cos there’s n¤ emotion attached to any song. The beats are catchy though. No offense’. Fans have since commented and below are some tweets

‘Daniel,it is well known to us that Davido is your number 1content,u use every opportunity to speak I’ll of him. Now if he had made a tribute for ifeanyi,u would have been the first to still come out to say he did that,so we would stream his songs out of pity,u are evil no shades’ – @plsLoveaintreal

‘Whatever davido bought from you and he refused to pay, kindly forgive him,You dislike this dude so much and it’s not good’ – @Djjamzy

‘He had to move on, You don’t think he will get into the studio and start weeping, dropping lines for ifeanyi in his songs, he has mourned in his own way… now is time to keep making money.. Life goes on’ – @Joel4hiz

‘Even People with iPhone never give rating of Davido’s “Timeless” album but Daniel with Itel say the album na 3/10 because Davido no cry for the intro to mourn his late son Ifeay’ – @spirus_cat

Kindly share your thought on the album too via our comment session, this has been your errand boy with words as feet!

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