Complete your SIM registration by March 10 or you will be disconnected – NCA

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The National Communications Authority (NIA) has served notice that it would start disconnecting subscribers from March 10, 2023, who have not completed the SIM re-registration process.

“The National Communications Authority (NCA) wishes to remind subscribers who have completed stage one (1) but not stage two (2) of their SIM registration, as part of the ongoing SIM registration exercise, to immediately do so or risk having their SIMs disconnected after 10th March 2023,” NCA said in a statement.

Additionally, it threatened to disconnect subscribers who fail to complete their SIM re-registration within two weeks.

“To reiterate, the importance of the SIM Registration Exercise is to develop and build a SIM database with integrity which will assist in curbing fraudulent activities. The NCA continues to urge all subscribers to complete their SIM registrations with their Ghana Cards to avoid deactivation.”

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