Churches are responsible for the collapse of local movie industry – Prophet Adom

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Propet Stephen Adom Kyei-Duah, the founder and leader of Believers Worship Centre has blamed the collapse of the local movie industry on the church and the general Christian community.

The subject of what led to the collapse of kumawood and the local movie industry has been one in the interest of the public with many citing the intolerance amongst the acting body as the prime reason for what has become a failed industry quite plainly but the Prophet has now come out to offer a new perspective which many have bought into with the leader of what is fast becoming one of the largest growing congregations in the country.

According to Prophet Adom, it is the Christian community that has largely contributed to the demise of the industry “It is Christianity that has led to the collapse of the Kumawood industry. The church has collapsed the movie and theatre industry. They are the ones now into concert. Now people can say I want to have a laugh and so I am tuning in to a channel of a pastor. How will such a person again go to the National Theatre when the theatre is now in the church and every church is now on free-to-air TV?”

He would then continue “Now all the concert is found in the church so people do not patronize movies. At first, you use to only see witches confessing in movies but now the same thing is happening in the church. We used to see that and the accompanying insults during concerts but now all of that can be found in the church. Those in the movie industry may not know but I am now telling you what has led to the collapse”

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