Cecilia Marfo sheds tears over losing church members due to negative publicity

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Gospel artiste Cecilia Marfo has recounted a distressing experience while narrating how she lost a good number of her church members due to false accusations and rumours.

While recounting some of the challenges she faced in the gospel music industry, she explained that prior to the rumours, she had over 400 members actively attending service.

Speaking to Roselyn Felli on Prime Morning on Tuesday, Cecilia Marfo revealed that after Kennedy Agyapong and gospel musician Diana Asamoah allegedly started spreading false rumours about her and the way she runs her ministry, the church took a bad hit. The congregation of 400 drastically whittled to 40, which she said saddened her greatly.

“I believe that God will fight my battles for me. Can you believe that my church moved from a congregation of 400 to barely 40 members? When I remember these things, I cry, but God has told me not to worry as He has the final say,” she said.

The gospel musician stated that though this situation almost broke her, she takes strong refuge in the fact that it is part of the phases every child of God encounters. Throughout her experience, she believed that God would fight her battles for her at the appropriate time; hence, she decided that fighting and confronting those spreading false rumours about her was unnecessary.

Cecilia Marfo also mentioned that although she has been missing from the music scene for a while, she has no plans of quitting. According to her, God continually blesses her with music to put out, but financial issues hinder her from being consistent in the industry.

Now that she is healing from all the rumours and focusing strongly on her faith and how to turn the hearts of unbelievers to God, she is more than ready to release new music.

“I am not judgmental at all. In fact, unbelievers feel comfortable around me because of my nonjudgmental nature. Pastors and Christians should stop criticizing them because they are not God. Instead, they should focus more on spreading love as instructed by God,” she explained.

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