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‘Call us if you want to fight for Ghana’ – GBA President to Freezy MacBones

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Boxer Freezy MacBones must contact the Ghana Boxing Authority (GBA) if he wants to represent Ghana, according to the GBA.

GBA President Abraham Kotei Neequaye said the boxing authority is ready to support the boxer but he must first make them know if he wants to fight as a Ghanaian.

“We are not supposed to call him. He should reach out to us if he wants to fight as a Ghanaian, we are ready to support him,” he told Accra-based Angel FM.

Freezy MacBones, born as Seth Gyimah, has been trending on social media after he won his latest bout.

The UK-based boxer was involved in just his second professional fight last Saturday as the undercard of the bout between Joe Joyce and Zhilei Zhang.

Facing veteran Darryl Sharp at the Copper Box Arena in London, MacBones completely dominated his opponent.

Despite his raw style, he combined heavy punches with aggressiveness as he coasted to victory over Sharp.

Highlights of the fight have since gone viral on social media, with many Ghanaians eulogizing MacBones’ style of boxing.

Meanwhile, the 33-year-old used to be a mason in Ghana before moving to the UK, where he has now turned his life around.

“I worked so hard toward my dreams and I never give up. I never let anyone let me down. I put myself to the limit. I don’t sleep, I’m running four o’clock, three o’clock like a madman,” MacBones said after winning Sharp.

“People see me like, what’s this guy doing? And now this is the answer for those people that were asking me those questions. And I’m so proud of myself, my mum, and my family back home. There are all watching me and I made them proud because I come nothing.”

“A place there was no light, there was no water, nothing there and I see myself with one of the biggest promotions in the world, Queensberry. Come on bro, there is a God. Whatever result happened there, I don’t care. I see myself as a winner no matter what,” he added.

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