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C/R: Woman wrongly accused of baby theft narrowly escapes lynching

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36-year-old Monica Nandara narrowly survived being lynched by an angry mob after she was accused of stealing a baby at Kakraba junction in the Central Region.

Monica who was said to be offering help to a homeless woman and her baby was later accused of stealing the baby by the homeless woman triggering a mob action.

Reports indicate that, on March 14, 2023, Monica Nandara who owns a shop along the Nyanyano stretch and is into the production of pastry products almost lost her life as an angry mob around the Kakraba area almost lynched her accusing her of stealing a baby.

Some even suggested that she is burnt to death to serve as a deterrent to others who have intentions of perpetrating similar crimes.

Monica was working late that day when she was informed by one of her apprentices of a woman lying on the shoulder of the Nyanyano road together with her baby.

Being a good samaritan she decided to help the woman by questioning why she was there late that night together with her baby who was just a few months old.

According to Monica, the woman indicated that she had been sacked from a kiosk she occupies by the owner for failing to pay the rent and had nowhere to sleep.

Together Monica and one of her apprentices decided to take the woman back to the kiosk and pay for the rent as well, but things turned sour while driving to the venue as the woman began to shout for help when they got to Kakraba accusing Monica of trying to steal her baby.

This drew the attention of persons around who quickly attacked the vehicle and held Monica and her apprentice accusing them of trying to steal the baby and coercing the victim in the process.

While some of the angry mob physically attacked Monica and her apprentice, some also suggested that they are burnt to death.

Despite surviving the incident, Monica told Citi News in an interview that she is traumatized and feels reluctant to offer help to people.

She added that mob justice should be a thing of the past and calls for more public sensitization about it.

The woman whose identity Monica cannot remember was later handed over to the police after they were called in but was later released.

Monica’s apprentice Shivera Tiesar who received slaps from the mob said she still feels pain in her cheek.

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