Burkina Faso junta suspends French news magazine

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Burkina Faso’s military junta has suspended the French-language news magazine Jeune Afrique, accusing it of publishing untruthful articles.

A statement said the publication was seeking to discredit the armed forces and manipulating information to spread chaos.

The accusations relate to two recently published pieces reporting discontent in the military.

The “transitional government” has “responsibly decided to suspend all Jeune Afrique distribution media in Burkina Faso until further notice, with effect from Monday September 25”, according to a statement.

The government blamed “a new and misleading article… entitled ‘Tensions persist in Burkina Faso army’ and published on Monday”.

“This publication follows an earlier article by the same newspaper on the same website”, published on Thursday, “in which Jeune Afrique alleged that ‘Discontent is growing in Burkina Faso barracks’,” the statement added.

“These deliberate assertions, made without the slightest hint of proof, have no other purpose than to discredit the national armed forces and, by extension, all fighting forces in an unacceptable manner”.

The magazine’s suspension is the latest of a crackdown on French-language media since Burkina Faso’s military took over rule last year.

Jeune Afrique is yet to respond.

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