Black Stars drop in FIFA rankings to 61st following Comoros loss

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The Black Stars have experienced a decline in the recent FIFA rankings due to their performance during the international break. 

Moving down to the 61st position, Ghana had previously held the 60th spot in the last three rankings.

This shift indicates that the Black Stars will conclude the calendar year with their best rank being 59th, a position achieved in June 2023.

Since the October update, the Black Stars participated in two games, the initial fixtures of the 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifiers.

Ghana secured a victory in the opening game against the Central African Republic but faced a defeat away from home against Comoros in the subsequent fixture.

Notably, Comoros has achieved its highest-ever rank, moving up nine places to occupy the 119th position, following recent victories over Cape Verde, Central African Republic, and Ghana.

In the global rankings, Argentina maintains its lead in the first position, followed by France in second place, and England, now in the top three after moving up one position. Belgium has also climbed one place to fourth, while Brazil, despite losing ground, holds the fifth position. The Netherlands and Portugal have exchanged places in the top 10, which includes Spain, Italy, and Croatia.

Other notable movers in the November Ranking include Uruguay (11th, up 4), Tunisia (28th, up 4), Ecuador (32nd, up 4), Romania (43rd, up 5), Slovakia (45th, up 5), and Greece (47th, up 4). Côte d’Ivoire (50th, up 2) and the Comoros Islands (119th, up 9) have also re-entered the top 50 and achieved their highest-ever position, respectively.

Additionally, Kosovo (101st, up 4) and Guinea-Bissau (103rd, up 7) have climbed in the rankings, along with Azerbaijan (114th, up 6), Libya (120th, up 6), Malaysia (130th, up 7), and Rwanda (133rd, up 7). The November Ranking also marks the re-entry of Samoa (187th), American Samoa (188th), and Tonga (196th), all resuming international football after months of inactivity.

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