Benedicta Gafah undergoes HIV test after claims of being positive

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Ghanaian actress, Benedicta Gafah has shared a video of herself undergoing an HIV test to dismiss the reports that she’s an HIV-positive patient.

This follows rumors that went rife on the internet a few weeks ago alleging that she has contracted the virus after having an affair with a very rich man.

In the bid to come clean and show the whole world that she isn’t an HIV patient, Benedicta has shared a video of the process of undergoing a test at the laboratory.

According to Benedicta Gafah, she visited the 37 military hospital to conduct the test.

Benedicta Gafah is yet to share the results from the test with the general public as she did when the test was been conducted.

We are keenly monitoring her socials to see if she publicizes the results or not.

However, some netizens strongly believe, no one messaged her as she claims and she’s just chasing clout.

She captioned the video as;

Received a DM this morning from someone asking me if it’s tru I’m HIV positive and it’s something he/she heard. So I quickly drove to 37 (Military Hospital) and I was assured the results would be in this evening. Posting this because it isn’t the 1st time I’ve received such a message in my DM,” 

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